09:00-10:00       Registration

10:00-11:00       Opening ceremony

                              Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdelghaffar, Minister of Health and Population

                              Dr. Amr Kandeel, Head of Preventive Sector

                              Prof. Dr. Nancy El Guindy, Head of CPHL & Head of the Conference

Saturday, December 10th, 2022

11:00-12:30       SESSION I: Big Data & Artificial Intelligence – Steps to the Future


11:00-11:20       The Era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Management

                             Dr. Mohamed Abdullah, CPHL

11:20-11:40        Pathogen Whole Genome Sequencing: Strategic and Economic Impacts             

                             Dr. Amel Naguib, CPHL

11:40-12:00       Role of Big Data in Decision Making

                            Dr. Islam Anan, Ain Shams University

12:00-12:20       SEIMENS Session

12:20-12:30      Discussion

12:30-13:00      Coffee Break

13:00-14:10  SESSION II: Covid – 19 – The Situation after Pandemic


13:00-13:20       Long Covid: Solving the Riddle

                             Prof. Dr. Noha Shaheen, Cairo University

13:20-13:40       Exploring Molecular and Serological Prognostic Biomarkers

for Severe Covid-19                        

                            Dr. Amany El Gohary, CPHL

13:40-14:00       Walking the Line Between Wet and Dry Lab

                            Dr. Mohamed Kamal

14:00-14:10       Discussion


14:10-15:20       SESSION III: Safe Food leads to a Safe Life


14:10-14:30       The Ugly Truth about Food

                            Dr. Marwa Soliman, CPHL & Dr. Maha Muawad, CPHL

14:30-14:50       Egyptian Approach towards WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety

                             Dr. Dina Ramadan, CPHL

14:50-15:10       Aspartame, Stevia, Sucralose Effects and the Role of CPHL to Regulate Their

Impact on Human Health and Environment

                            Dr. Fatma Azahraa Mokhtar, CPHL

15:10-15:20     Discussion

15:20-16:10       SESSION IV: AMR: A Global One Health Concern


15:20-15:40       Fight of Antibiotic Resistance is the Role of Every One

                            Prof. Dr. Mona Mohelddin, Cairo University

15:40-16:00       Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance of Some Microorganisms Isolated

from Different Water Sources in Egypt

                            Dr. Marwa Hamed, CPHL

16:00-16:10       Discussion

 16:10                 Lunch

Sunday, December 11th, 2022

10:00-11:50       SESSION V: Non- infectious concerns of global medical importance


10:00-10:20       Diagnostic Potential of Circulating Microns and their Target Proteins in

Hepatocellular Carcinoma as Biochemical Markers.

                            Prof. Dr. Hisham A. Ismail, Sadat University


10:20-10:40       Is It the Time to Apply Drug Abuse Analytical Standards in Egypt?

                            Dr. Nibal Badr, CPHL                                            

10:40-11:00       The Role of Histocompatibility& Immunogenetic Laboratory in Solid Organ


                            Prof. Dr. Medhat Askar


11:00-11:20       The Impact of Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Remodeling of National

Newborn Screening Program in Egypt

                           Dr. Heba Khafagy, CPHL


11:20-11:40       HVD Session

11:40-11:50     Discussion

11:50-13:10      SESSION VI: Respiratory Illness Case Studies


11:50-12:10       Solving the Problem of Pneumonia

                            Prof. Doaa Ghaith, Cairo University


12:10-12:30       A Comparative Study to Detect the Efficiency of Different TB Diagnostic


                            Dr. Eman Saied, CPHL & Dr. Mariam Fayek, CPHL          


12:30-12:50       Viral Causes and Epidemiology of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness at Three

Large Tertiary Hospitals in Egypt: Results from Acute Respiratory Sentinel

Surveillance January 2020- May 2021

                            Dr. Nahla Fawzy, MoH


12:50-13:10       Discussion                       

13:10-13:40       Coffee Break

13:40-15:10       SESSION VII: Research and Publications



13:40-14:00       Epidemiological and Genomic Characterization of SARS-COV-2 During Past

Five Waves Egypt 2020-2022

                            Dr. Wael Hamed, CPHL


14:00-14:20       Immunogenicity of Different Types of Vaccines against Most Common

Variants of SARS COV 2 in Egypt

                            Ass. Prof. Rabeh El-Shesheny, NRC                     


14:20-14:40       A Multicentric Retrospective Study Comparing Co and Secondary Infections

in COVID 19 ICU Patients and COVID-19 Non-ICU Patients

                            Dr. Shymaa Showky, CPHL


14:40-15:00       Clinical Features and Outcome of Patients with Vaccine Break Through

COVID – 19 Infections Presented in Egypt

                            Dr. Nevine Girgis Zaki, MoH


15:00-15:10      Discussion

15:10-16:10       SESSION VIII: Food and Water of Medical Importance       


15:10-15:30       Isolation and Identification of Listeria Monocytes in Fish Imported to Egypt: A

Public Health Importance

                            Dr. Abeer Abdelaziz , CPHL

15:30-15:50       Radio-Impact of Gamma Radiation on Pathogenic Bacterial Strains Isolated

From Rosetta Branch and its Drains of River Nile Water

                            Dr. Mohamed Abdelmenem, CPHL


15:50-16:00      Discussion

16:00-16:15      Closing and Recommendations

16:15                  Lunch